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1. Analyse

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About Break Plateaus

Welcome to my world, I am Ty Nicholson, a transformation specialist from tradesman and bodybuilder to a health science professional and growth consultant. My passion for surfing enriches my lifestyle entrepreneurship. My most treasured roles, however, are those of a loving partner and a dedicated father.

With a lifetime of learning and self-discovery, I’ve realised the essence of life lies in truly understanding and embracing who you are. My journey to self-trust and pursuing my desires has taught me the importance of filtering out external noise—from the media to even our closest circles—that can hinder our personal evolution. This realisation sparked my mission to launch BreakPlateaus.com, a platform dedicated to sharing transformative experiences and insights to empower you in overcoming challenges in your health, wealth, and relationships.”

“I truly believe that what you get from achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals".

-Zig Ziglar

Every time I train in Altus, I feel great about my body. I really like the variety of equipment and fitness lessons the gym is offers
Rebecca Rose