Acceptance before strategy!


Acceptance is not easy.

It takes time to understand the idea of acceptance and get used to it. Accepting something you cannot change or control can feel counterintuitive, but once you realise what acceptance will do for you in the long run, the short-term challenges will be worth it. But how exactly can acceptance benefit you? How can it help your current reality become the best reality possible?

Acceptance of self is one of the most challenging, but rewarding things someone can do for themselves. Once you accept who you are, no matter what that means to yourself, happiness will follow along quickly. You will notice the little things in life like the warmth of the sun on your face or joy in a child’s laughter.

Acceptance of Self

Your thoughts create your reality, so why not control the ones you want most?  

Society has been feeding us lies from a young age. These messages run through our heads every day and define who we are as people. These messages tell us that there is something wrong with everyone and everything if it doesn’t match up with the picture of “perfection” we see in the media and on our televisions. The kind of life we see and want to lead is placed upon us by society. Why can’t we decide for ourselves what makes our lives great instead of letting someone else decide it for you? 

When we accept something that cannot be changed or controlled, we are essentially saying that it is okay. This can be difficult for someone who has built their life around the idea that they will not be happy until something changes. Using this tactic, you would tell yourself that things need to change before your reality becomes acceptable. You will constantly focus on what’s wrong with your current state of affairs instead of what’s right.

Acceptance puts you in the present moment. Rather than worrying about how things “should” be, you can appreciate how they are at this very second. Once you realise that everything is exactly the way it should be, based on your current state of mind and where you hope to go with your life, happiness will surround you. When we are engaged in the present moment, we will not focus on what is lacking, but rather appreciate everything that you do have.

Create strategy after acceptance

Once someone has accepted their reality as it currently stands, they can then move forward and create a plan to improve where they see fit. The initial step is always the hardest, but once you have taken it, the rest will fall into place.

Acceptance is not an excuse to ignore your problems. It is simply a way for you to stop worrying about what you can’t change and start focusing on what needs changing in your life. Instead of letting society dictate your actions, take control over how you want your life to look and go from there.

Acceptance allows you to see reality for what it is without the influence of society, peers or self-doubt. Once a person starts their journey towards acceptance, they cannot stop until that life they envisioned becomes a reality. The power of acceptance will drive your determination because once you have accepted something, you have made it a part of your life and you will stop at nothing until you achieve it.

“Live in the present moment instead of worrying about how things should be.” -Paulo Coelho

Understanding when to accept what cannot change helps you focus on creating a strategy to make what can change better. It is hard to grasp that acknowledging truth is not giving up, rather it gives you the power to create the reality you envision. Once you accept where you are, you can plan a path forward and eventually reach a place of peace and happiness.

Acceptance is an essential key to living a happier life.

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