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Who is Ty?

I am a little bit different from your average personal trainer or health professional.

From a tadie straight out of school to a personal trainer and bodybuilder to now being a qualified Health ScienceProfessional. I have a combination of real life experience and professional education behind me.

After finding out my physical appearance as a bodybuilder did not equate to a healthy functioning body, I have spend the last 4 years self experimenting to improve my energy, brain function and ultimately my health as a whole.

I feel and personally think I look the best I every have in my life.

My combination of experience and expertise has allowed me to put together a practical coaching program to get you health gains and ultimately a life without being in discomfort, and discomfort without becoming a health freak.

Taking Control Of Your Health isn’t about telling you to cut out a bunch of food, stop drinking alcohol and dedicate your life to the gym. It is about giving you all the tools you need to take control of your health. Because at the end of the day no one knows your lifestyle and body as well as you do. To be at your best you need to take control of your mind, body, relationships and lifestyle.

My purpose as your coach is to show you the way to reach optimal health and peak performance in your life.

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