Corrective action speaks louder than words



“I’ve always believed that actions speak louder than words. If you want something, go and get it.” –  LeBron James (Basketball player)  

This statement is even more relevant in today’s society. Work ethic has declined as a result of the many distractions we have in our daily lives, and we have been conditioned by society to take the route of least resistance. In school, we are taught that we will be rewarded if we excel in our studies and make an effort to follow the rules. However, some people think that it is enough to say you want something and then wait for some undefined period of time until it materialises on its own.

Unfortunately, this theory doesn’t work in the real world.

Be aware that talking doesn’t produce results

Action is what shows people that you are serious about wanting something. Action speaks louder than words, and it is a lot harder to do something than it is to say that you will do it.

This was the case for me when I wanted to start my own business. Although I had ideas of becoming an entrepreneur, there were times when I lacked the motivation to follow through on them. Although I did not take action every day, I did something that could be considered productive. It was enough to keep my business afloat while building up steam for when it really counted. Taking action requires courage, discipline and self-control, you will be surprised at how much progress you can make when you invest in yourself.


Things don’t always go to plan

Sometimes in life things will not go to plan. The best thing in these situations is to accept, and move on from it. However, correct and learn from your mistake. Take accountability for your actions, rather than making excuses.

No one likes to make mistakes but it is inevitable. The best thing you can do after a mistake has been made is take some form of corrective action. You are in control of your life, don’t let anyone/anything tell you otherwise.

Take some damn action

Above all, be accountable for your actions. Don’t give up or make excuses. Take responsibility, learn from it and move on with your life.

Thanks to the overflow of information available at our fingertips these days people think they know it all. Action speaks louder than words. You can talk about starting a business or getting fit but if you don’t take action and go to the gym or build a website for your entrepreneurial idea you are wasting your time.

Before you move on to the next read, take action and then come back here. Action is the only thing that will determine your success or failure.

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