Ep 25: Mens medicine with Angelo Sisco AKA the Alpha Hippie


On October 15th, 2002, Angelo Sisco was involved in a hit and run motorcycle accident that changed his life forever. In an instant, he went from being a 20-year-old entrepreneur to someone fighting to save his leg and his way of life.

After 8 surgeries, two months in a hospital bed, 5 months of daily rehab and the encouraging news from his doctors that any kind of athletics is permanently out of the question, Angelo fell into a deep depression.

In 2009 he discovered CrossFit and everything changed once again. He had a new focus. He had a new purpose. He lost 100 pounds, which catapulted a 10-year journey that he couldn’t even imagine.

During the 2010’s, Angelo opened O’Hare CrossFit and CrossFit Harwood Heights, consulted over 400 CrossFit Affiliates worldwide, co-founded Lifestyle Nutrition and Conquer Athlete, became an international speaker on how to succeed as an Affiliate owner, and coached multiple CrossFit Games competitors. 

Angelo’s success in coaching and business gave him the confidence to begin what he would consider his most important journey of them all; his self-development, which he began in 2015.  After years of deep inner work, reflection, and growth Angelo titled his journey of self-discovery, Alpha Hippie.

In true Angelo Sisco fashion, he followed what inspired him and began sharing his message through his podcast Alpha HIppie, and began mentoring other men on their path to self-discovery.

In late 2019, Angelo realised he was at a crossroads in his career.  A choice had to be made; to either stay in a place of comfort or to step into the identity that was calling him: Alpha Hippie.  Angelo chose to step fully into Alpha Hippie. And a whole heap more……..

Here is what to expect:
🧠The power of vulnerability as a genuine man
😮‍💨 Breath work
💪masculine & feminine energy
…. and a whole lot more!
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