Ep 22: How a Broken Hip Can Change Your Life with Kayla


Today we have been blessed to have Kayla on the Break Plateaus show. Kayla is a former high & middle school teacher, who has also worked with other youth & has coached teachers on how to improve their teaching practices. Kayla is now apart of created the curriculum for Enlifted coaching. Kayla is also coaching business owners & their employees to make a more impactful work place. 

Here is what to expect:
👉Breaking bones
🗣How our language shapes our reality
🧠Leveraging the thoughts in our heads for taking corrective action
🔥The common treadmill entrepreneurs find themselves on until burn out
😮‍💨 Breath work
…. and a whole lot more!
Connect with Kayla:
Email: storiesinmotionllc@gmail.com
Connect with me:
Send in a voice message: ⁠https://anchor.fm/ty-lucas9/message

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